brush pen

copying isn’t all that bad. new tricks, new techniques! enhances practice sessions.

copying, is good.34_25



I was talking to my ceramic friends about stoneware and how it is different from terracotta. There was this little tip one of them slid in- Don’t reshape stoneware, the clay stores a history.
A history not so old.
(Is that even history?)

These fighting fish prints, we made in the print labs, remind me of that history.
The relief board layered in inks- the pressure defined which layers would show.


The Beatles Scroll

My scroll starts with an ‘okay’ portrait of John Lennon.

beatles art

and I realize I must stick to lettering!

beatles art

beatles art

oh yes, and I just learnt that it’s tangerine trees and marmalade skies~

beatles art

and tidbits.. cuz I’m trashy like that!

beatles art