brush pen

copying isn’t all that bad. new tricks, new techniques! enhances practice sessions.

copying, is good.34_25


National handwriting day

The sun is back on my terrace.
and so am I ^^

Please don’t get any colder! Please don’t get any hotter!2401a



Also, Happy handwriting day!

ombre postcard

I need a brush pen. I haven’t been able to find them in Chandigarh yet and international shipping is really expensive. Can I make one myself?

I’ve been using black rotring ink with my smallest round brush. ombre


It works nothing like the brush pen though but I enjoy it!

short stories

The beautiful covers by Bena Sareen in the English book shop tempted me to buy one of these publications by Rupa- short stories by Charles Dickens. They also have Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain, Saki and many more. Every author has a separate color as the backdrop and the art in golden. I sound so obsessed with them because:

  1. I’m such a short story person! (Also, I’m such a short person! :P) Even when I’m reading novels, it’s the itty-bitty stories in form of flashbacks or dreams, which indulge me.
  2. The covers. All those colors look so pretty together. I have 3 of those books already (buying one each week. I MUST RESIST).


typography charles dickens

typography charles dickens