Lady crushes

I know I’ve felt things move- into a bundle of inexplicable emotions, down the hill, onto the boulders, slowed in the muck, into the river, sinking deep

deep down.

it’s slower now.
Thank you fellow human shaped blobs of love
29_5_129_5_229_5_329_5_429_5_529_5_629_5_729_5_8(Life in slow mo, how good this feels)

(Lead role from from Jab We Met, take the hint)
29_5_10(crazy lady, I tell you)

It’s been a while since (I felt) I’ve created anything of value.
Is it getting personal here? Is life and work one now? Should this be happening? Otherwise how will I ever feel complete?


I was talking to my ceramic friends about stoneware and how it is different from terracotta. There was this little tip one of them slid in- Don’t reshape stoneware, the clay stores a history.
A history not so old.
(Is that even history?)

These fighting fish prints, we made in the print labs, remind me of that history.
The relief board layered in inks- the pressure defined which layers would show.